MemberShip – One Spot Beauty


Since start OneSpotBeauty (OSB) has been offering Quality Products & Competitive Prices & Discounts to it Valued Customers. In line with that mission, OneSpotBeauty now introduces Membership Program that entails our Valued Member Customers more benefits/Bounties!

By Membership Programs the Privileged Member Customers  will get:

  • 5% exclusive Additional Discount on all items.
  • 100 Loyalty "NECTAR Coins" (Free Investment) to Earn Profit.

Membership Program:

  • Membership is open for all from 1 July, 2018 to 30 October, 2018 and will be closed at 1000 Members (whichever comes first).
  • Each Member will receive 100 NECTAR Coins (for Free Investment) in his/her private Wallet (Please double check your Wallet Address for correctness in Membership Form as NECTAR Coins issued to the wrong Wallet Address can't be returned/adjusted).
  • Membership Fee is US $10/- only for 1 year!

Membership Form:

Interested Valued Customers are encouraged to participate in the OSB Membership Program to support  OneSpotBeauty Store Development and in adding new features for members!

 How it works: